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The best place to park in the town centre is the Parking House, which is located in the northern part of the town near the Municipal Theatre (about 650m from restaurant). Parking is monitored and there is possibility to park for a few hours (1 hour = 20Kč) and for several days (1 day = 140Kč).

You can park on street as well.

There are 23 parking metres in town, 14 of which are new. These modern, solar-powered metres give change, accept euros (€1 and €2 coins plus €5 notes) and issue entry permits to the Spa Zone – these cost 20Kč and are valid for one day.

Parking fees vary according to parking zone – per hour the charge is between 30Kč and 40Kč.

Smart parking with the ClickPark app

When parking you can now use ClickPark, an app that lets you pay quickly and simply from your smartphone, with no need to use a parking metre or hunt for change. The app tells you when your parking time is up and you can even extend your time remotely from wherever you happen to be.

You can find latest informations about parking in the city here: